Top Five Things To Consider When Looking For A Drugstore

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There were a lot of changes that took place in the last year, during the Coronavirus pandemic. Although the world is still reeling through the pandemic, there were changes that most businesses and companies had to get through. For the most part, whenever there is a spike in the number of people with the Coronavirus, the Government implements national lockdowns to prevent the Coronavirus from spreading.

During national lockdowns, most people worked from home and rarely left their house unless they moved out for essential service, groceries, or medical emergencies. Fortunately, pharmacies fall under the category of the few stores marked by the authorities as essential services. While most other companies and businesses shut during the pandemic, we were open throughout.

When it comes to pharmacies, there are a series of requirements they have and the services they could offer to benefit the general public. While most of them were just selling drugs over the counter or through a prescription, others also work on a lot more, even having a specialist on call. When getting drugs, it is always advisable to pick the right pharmacy. Today, there are apps that people can work with if they are planning on purchasing some of the counter drugs, which made purchasing emergency products quite convenient during the pandemic. Here are some of the pointers that people should keep in mind when they are getting drugs.

1. Pharmacy
It is always better to work with a pharmacy because they would have more information about the drugs people purchase. There are some instances where the drugs needed are not available, and the person would have to find an alternative that they can work with. Pharmacies and their pharmacists can assist in these situations.

2. Prescribing Pharmacist
While most pharmacies work with a team of people who go through the prescription and provide the applicant with the drugs or medication they are looking for, we have a prescribing pharmacist who is allowed to provide the people coming in with the drugs they might need. 

3. Vaccination
With the Coronavirus pandemic widespread, we are working with clients who are looking to get their vaccine. Additionally, we work with other clients who are also looking for assistance with the other drugs that they might need for various vaccination processes that they are getting through.

4. Over the counter medication
All pharmacies are allowed to provide clients and customers with over-the-counter drugs, which are vital but cannot cause any significant issues if consumed. Some of these could include aspirin and medication stomach aches, among others.

5. Compression stockings
Other than drugs and medication, we also assist our clients with products that might have medical purposes but might not be consumed like compression stockings. During the pandemic, we were one of the few companies loaded with products and were capable of assisting many of our clients, especially with a large number of people staying at home and having pain and improper blood circulation, which were issues they could solve with the product.

If you are looking for a product and a medical requirement during a pandemic, we at Elixir Pharmacy are more than happy to assist. With the number of changes taking place during the pandemic, we were making sure that we could provide our clients with the requirements they needed and were working on bringing in the products that we did not have to make worth their time. We have been working with clients across Calgary and the surrounding areas.

Additionally, being a brick-and-mortar store, we have to work on bringing customers to our doors. We have a range of services we can work on, including the Prescription Renewals and Prescribing Pharmacist, Prescription Refills and Transfers, Diabetic Educator, Medication Review, Medication Take Back, Compliance Packaging, Over the Counter Medication, Vaccination and Immunization, Medical and Over the Counter ​Compression Stockings. If we can assist you in any way or want to get in touch with us, please click here.