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Our one-on-one consultations for diabetes focus on nutrition, lifestyle, medications, and testing your blood sugar. Our Certified Diabetes Educators will provide you with the latest information on diabetic care to help you find ways to better manage your diabetes.

An educator can help you simplify all the information and help you set goals to manage your care. Our educator can adjust your medications, dosages and order lab tests as required and in collaboration with your healthcare team. We want you to control your diabetes and not the other way around.

At Elixir Pharmacy we can provide Full blood glucose meter training, advice and troubleshooting including, when to test, what results to look for and what to do when your readings are out of target.

Nutrition and lifestyle advice. Unsure what to eat and how much? Questions about what types of food or exercise you should be doing? We can provide you with answers to these and other questions.

Insulin management. We provide training on how to get started with insulin and tips on adjusting your therapy. We can also help you ensure you are on the right insulin for your needs and lifestyle.

Free “sharps” container program. We offer free biohazard containers and disposal.
Book an appointment today to talk with our Certified Diabetes Educator and let us give you the confidence and support to live a healthy and active life with diabetes. Book your appointment today.

Serving clients across Calgary and the surrounding areas.

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