Medical and Over the Counter ​Compression Stockings

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Compression stockings:

  • Help improve blood flow.
  • Help keep fluid from pooling in the legs.
  • Help relieve symptoms caused by varicose veins, skin ulcers, and deep vein thrombosis.
  • Help prevent problems caused by things like skin ulcers.
  • Will help the most if you wear them every day while you're awake, especially while you're on your feet.

There are different levels of compression that can be used. The 15-20mmHg compression is considered over-the-counter and can be easily sized by shoe size or ankle circumference. For higher levels of compression, our certified compression stocking fitters can properly measure your legs and help you select the right stockings for your needs.

Measurements are best taken in the morning when there has been little swelling in the legs. This ensures the most accurate measurements are collected, so your stockings will fit you perfectly. We carry the full line of Sigvaris compression socks including lines for men and women in a number of styles, fabrics, colours, and sizes.

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